The Reader's
Challenge 2016

The Men’s Health Belly Off Challenge invites guys to share your weight-loss story for a chance to be featured on our website or in the magazine. We want to see your transformations and hear about how you went about turning your life around.

This is your platform. Every week we’ll be choosing entrants and sharing their stories with our readers.

We want to see guys whose lives have been changed by better eating, smarter exercise and healthy living. That’s why we believe the Belly Off Reader’s Challenge is such an important initiative.

How it works

To enter follow these simple steps:

Upload Your Photos

Choose two photos, before and after, that show your transformation.

Put In Your Stats

How much weight did you lose?

Tell Your Story

Tell us your story in your own words, including the time it’s taken to get where you are.

Share Your Profile

We want guys who are proud of their achievements, so go out there and share your story.

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